Age Ain't Nothing But A Number?
...or is it?
   Tonight my friends went on the search for some of my favorite candy. At the second gas station, I wasn't successful in finding the candy. =[ However, I did catch the eye of this nice looking man. He was probably in his 30s. I was tripping with my friends saying, "Hey, he might can be my sugar daddy ya'll!" Well, he could of had 
been my sugar daddy. Just imagine...he would let me have whatever I liked. He could even finance my college education! Which would be all kinds of fantastic! *sigh* But, my sugar daddy drove away in a nice burgundy Yukon. Eh. Haha.
    I don't know if I could ever go through with really having a sugar daddy. I would think it would be hard to really connect with him. We would be at two different stages in life. Some people make it work though. Some girls like the maturity level and stability or security of an older man. Hmm, think you could have a sugar daddy? Do you want a sugar daddy? Haha.

In Other News...

    I had a blast this weekend! I have pictures, which I will display later when I update the blog. That is, if I don't forget or get lazy. I just caught up on my sleep today. I had been soooo busy this weekend. My 3 hour nap was just what I needed. I slept hard too. Ahhh, felt good. I just may do it again tomorrow(today).
    Also! I actually have a date for
Valentine's Day! Whoever would of freakin' knew that was coming? Haha. Well, maybe one person, you know who you are. Hehe. Anywho, I thought I would be a loner. My sister was coming into town and she would be with her bf, my cousin with hers, my other cousin with his. My sister wanted to plan a dinnerdate that we all would go on, but I refused to be the 7th wheel. Nope. Well, I don't know...if they were going to Applebee's I probably wouldn't pass that up. Haha. Now, I don't have that problem. Yay!
Well, its sleep time again.
Oh yeah, Happy Belated Birthday Jervis!


Rai said...

lol. I couldn't have a sugar daddy.
Any girl that goes out looking for one is pathetic.

Congrats on having a V-Day date.
Not sure if Martin is coming here this week or next week (or anniversary is next week).
OMG! I looooove Applebee's. It's like heaven. MMMMM.

Jervis said...

awwwwww man!!!!, thanks ALOT babe!!!!!!!.wow, I almost missed the shoutout. i appreciate it. believe it or not, even though im 20, I am a sugar daddy.

Not a good thing, especially when the chick is a spoiled brat

.rawkii said...

Rai: Aw, hope ya'll have fun whenever he comes.

Jervis: Haha. No prob. Hope you had fun.
Uh-oh, you're a sugar daddy eh? How old is your sugar baby then? Haha.

India said...

yay for a vday date (:
lol.. i never understood "sugar daddys" i, like you couldnt see myself connecting with a man much older than me. im sure we would see things from TWO different spectrum. lol.
i hope you enjoy your valentines day!