Pop the Dvd in...
...and press 'play.'
Grrr, this is the 3rd time I've tried submitting this. Hope it works.
Yeah, so it has been a day or few since I posted last. Its been a busy weekend. So, I meant to mention a while back, I'm on my new release grind. My big sis and I went to go see "He's Just Not That Into You." This movie will make you feel stupid and enlightened at the same time. I saw a few mistakes I have made in the past with my previous "interests." Yeah, I may have called/text when I shouldn't have cause, clearly, dude probably wasn't that into me. Eh, we all make mistakes. Then again, you learn a thing or two. Movie made me really think. Hmm-age. Yeah. I think it is a good idea to have a truthful male's opinion on speed dial. Thankfully, I have my Bestie. He's the best. He is honest and not judgmental. =] Gotta love him.
Just this past weekend, I went to see "Madea Goes to Jail."
When I go to see a Madea movie, I expected a laugh. It met my expectations. So, I'm content. I especially loved the character "T.T." played by Sofia Vergara. Haha. "Brownies for my brownie." I got her character down-pack now. Plus, I went to McDonalds beforehand and successfully snuck in the theatre with a 6-piece Might Kids Meal, in which I got this Hello Kitty watch that my Twinnie would appreicate. =]
I got the purple one.
I want to collect a few more...Hehe.
Sunday, after taking care of laundry, "Mr. N" and I watched Max Payne. It was alright. It kind of freaked us both out. That night, we both thought we saw dark angels.


Rai said...

Was the movie any good?
I remember the man who made that book had a show. lol

I loved that Madea movie!
I was cracking up so hard. I was annoyed a few times.
Some girl behind us WAS ON THE CELLPHONE!!
Martin gave me that look like "Please don't, please don't." haha

Still have yet to go to McD's and get a watch.So I'll just have to steal yours, Twinnie. ;]

.rawkii said...

Oh my word. I had forgot! Dude gonna answer his phone and had a full conversation. Didn't say, "Let me call you back" or anything! *sigh*

Rai said...

That is so rude.
I was about to turn around and
get on her... lol Martin kept
trying to calm me down. =/