It's So Amazing How Easily...
...I can go from high to low to higher! Beginning with last night. I was at work and I got a visit from Mr. N and his cool homies. It was funny how they were putting him on blast. It was quite entertaining and cute. Hehe. Anywho, by the end of my shift, we had a date planned for next Saturday. Woot! It's not really weird anymore, but its still humorous! Haha. When I got back to my dorm room, I was smiling ear to ear! Shhh...he doesn't have to know all that tho. Haha.
   I started on my history assignment late last night, but I got sleepy and put off finishing it tomorrow. Woke up and I decided to skip my first class and complete it. I text a girl I know in my first class, and she tells me we had a test today! I totally spazzed out! I totally forgot all about it! I didn't know what I was going to do. I either was gonna fail the class or withdraw and lose Hope. Craziness, I tell you. It was all my fault tho. Anywho, my roomies were like, "Don't worry. Just go see your professor after your last class."
  I'm on the bus, bummed out, about to go to class, and I just pray. Then, I start to notice the song playing on the radio. It was John Legend's Everybody Knows [Check it out!]. It sounded sooo good. I love how songs come along just in the nick of time. [Haha, whoa, not intended.] So I finish out the day and go to my professor's office. I was just honest, said I completely forgot. Thank the Heavens, my prof. is letting me make it up! I can't explain how ecstatic I am! It was a blessing!!! My professor even took the time to discuss more about the class with me too. I so cannot be coming in all late to that class anymore. That professor gets the upmost respect now! Haha. =]
  Well, I'm bout to go and get some grub from my Unc-R's! Its  Breakfast Night. 
Remember, be thankful and smile!


tysofly said...

gotta love those nice profs!! there are only a few. lol.

India said...

Wow, everything happeneds for a reason.

glad everything worked out

Rai said...

lmao. I can't get over you and "Mr. N."
You stay skipping a class Twinnie.

That's a nice professor.

.rawkii said...

tysofly: Yesss! Haha.

India: Yes, you're so right. Thanks, I'm glad too. =]

Rai: Haha, I can't either. Haha. I'm not as bad as I was at skipping.
Yes, she is.

Jervis said...

good advice on this one

.rawkii said...

Thanks Jervis.