Dodge The Choppers...
...and jump the fence.
I have just ran for my life! Okay, maybe not my life...haha, but my rep. at least. Sooo, I guess I should start off from this afternoon at my college's courtyard. After my first class, guess who I spot... The Baller. I was going to carry on towards the cafeteria. While I was approaching the steps, we met up. He gave me the "what up" nod and I gave him he dueces. As I stepped up, he hit the back of my leg. I then hook my arm with him and walked to the cafeteria with him. Yesss! I did, even though we haven't talked in a while, and after the "you'll be just fine" episode. Big Womp! Haha.
Anywho, later on my roomate was having a guy friend over. Made me think of him. Then, I just decided to take a jump for it and text him... 
"What are you doin? Other than chillin?"
"Watching tv."
"Hm. Can I come watch tv too? Or you don't feel like being bothered."
"Yeah you can come for a while."

So I hopped my happy-self to his room. They have the hugest beds in the entire dorm. I missed my baby[the bed]. His friends came soon after and he went to the living area to play spades. So I got the whooooole bed to myself. =] I chilled, got under the covers and watched Living Single. They offered to let me play the wii, but I was good. He came in and layed out for a game and went back. Didn't matter, I was into The Jeffersons. By the time Family Matters was on, he went to bed. I've been missing laying there beside him. I love how he scoots under me. Feels so good you know. NO, we didn't have sex. We were just there, together. *sigh* BUT THEN...
There was a knock on the door, IT WAS ONE OF HIS COACHES! They have room check the night before gamedays. Next thing I know, he is knocking on his bedroom door! Thank God the door was locked. I was fully clothed, but they aren't suppose to have a girl in their bedroom. If I was in the living area with the other girls, it would have been fine. First thing that popped in my head was hide under the bed. However, he already took too long to answer the door so it already seemed suspicious. I told him it would be worse if I hid and he found me than if we just opened the door. 
His coach is still there and calls his phone. He answers the phone like he was sleep. He told his coach he "took a NyQuil and was knocked in his sister's room." [Haha, @ NyQuil] His coach says, "I need to see your face man." So he tells him he is on his way. Two minutes later the coach leaves. He then called his roommate to be sure he was gone. Then I jumped in my boots. It was hilarious. His teammates in the living area were just smiling. Gosh, I hate being spotted. He checks the hall through the peep hole and signaled me to go. I made a dash for the elevator. Mission Complete. My heart is still racing a little bit. Haha. Wow. What a rush.


hb said...

lol, haha good thing you didn't get caught. that would be sooooo embarrassing.

.rawkii said...

Yessss! Its was a close call. Haha.