Don't You Stop It, Don't You Stop...
...Stop the music.
   Sooo, this weekend, my Bestest-F is here! Yayyy! I haven't seen her since Christmas. Thats a
long time in Bestest years! Haha. After my roomies and I picked her up Thursday, we went to the craziest Wal-Mart ever. I would go into detail, but lets just say... Rule number one: Avoid eye contact. Anywho, I also lost my favorite key-earing I made. I know, I was totally bummed. Luckly, I had an earing and spare key small enough to make another. So yeah. Irrelevant to you, maybe, but that key was special to me. I was even going to give the spare key to a significant other as a sign of "love, devotion, or whatever." Now that I have to use the spare, I don't have one to give...eh, oh well. Hm, maybe thats a sign...
   Friday, I slept in late. No classes on Fridays for me. I got up and went to my Unc-E's house for food. He made me pitch in and help cook this time. Haha. Its fun tho, cause my lil cousin and I be wildin'. I also baked brownies...which are almost all gone. I also checked out the dollar store for the cute eye make-up, my Twinnie had mentioned in her
blog...I bought two! Yay! Thanks Twinnie! I also got a "Nectar" color nail polish and some curl-gel that I'm going to try on my hair asap. I hope it works. I've gone natural and I love to wet my hair and wear it curly, but it expands as it dries. If you know of any products that keep your natural curls moisturized, let me know.
   Later on, a few more friends stop by our dorm. We had a blast. I should of recorded those guys. They can dance! They tried to show of a few things, but I don't have much rhythm so...yeah. My friend and I almost master a wall-walk move. Haha. My Homie-B came over with his AWESOME camera and we began to snap. Wish I had some to show, but I don't. Maybe later.
   Today, after I get off work...we are going to either go to this dance competition or the basketball game. Not sure yet. Tonight we are definitely going to the 90's party here. I'ma be more of 80s, but who cares! Ima charge my camera batteries and take a lot pics.


[$ H A R O N A] said...

i'm glad your bestest is there! theres this product called mixed chicks google it. i have yet to try it though.

.rawkii said...

Okay thanks! I think I'm going to order the trial!

Rai said...

Seems like you had an interesting day.
My Friday was kinda wack. lol

YAY! It's about time you got some.
I know this one curl gel stuff I put in
my nephew's hair ... forgot who/what it's called

I'll get back to you on that one.