You know how when you have been dealing with an issue for soooo long...it seems that it will never get easier or you will never escape it? Sometimes, you kind of just deal, let it be. The moment you actually just face the facts and relax. Clear your mind. The load gets lighter. I wasn't even expecting it. It just happened. You can't help but to smile and look forward to what is to come.
"It doesn't take a whole day to recognize sunshine."
And I'm going to bath in the rays.


A.R. said...

i like that quote a lot.

hb said...

My friend Arie has that quote as her aim status. What a coincidence.
I know what you mean.

Rai said...

The quote is so true.

You must be happy?! lol :]

chavita!!! said...

awwww =)

thats true =)

Kastina said...

This may sound silly...but did you write that? its awesome. Turn it into the next big song? Sell it to John Mayer...

.rawkii said...

A.R.: Yes, Common is the truth.

hb: Yeah, its a timeless quote.

Rai: Yeah, I am happy. Things are looking clearer.

chavita: Yep, yep.

Kastina: Haha, I wrote everything but the quote. Thats from Common's "The Light." Haha. John Mayer...he's niiiice.

India said...

i love this post. so positive.
& im loving the quote. so true.
its like a wave pool; no purpose in fighting it -- just accept.

.rawkii said...

I know I tend to lack in positive posts, lately.

Cheri said...

your blog is cute. =]