Have you ever looked at yourself
and didn't recognize who you were?
Its more than a look in the mirror one morning
and seeing a blemish that wasn't there before.
A true look inside. 
Missing something?

Where is the person that use to be there?
I know with maturity, difference is expected.
It's just so dark and the person I see is faded.
Head down, arms wrapped around her knees.
Written all over the walls of my heart is 
"Help Me"

The moment she lifts up her head
I see the line of tears imprinted upon her face.
She seems like she is barely alive
I search for a pulse, but its faintly there.
I look deep into her eyes...
and I'm back here.

Head down, arms around my knees.
Moisture on my cheeks.
"Help me
written all around me.