Pretty Much Sums Up The Day...
  Went to my Uncle's to enjoy the lovely festivities. Needless to say, I am full. Ahh, the good times we have. My family is just hilarious. I mean, throughout dinner, the whole day basically, we were laughing, cracking up on somebody. Feels good. My Uncle R. is the type to crack up jokes all the time, but he is so serious with it. If you didn't know him well, you wouldn't know when to really take him serious. I need to go over there more. I usually go to my Uncle E's. Hm.
 Afterward dinner, my sis, cuz, and I went to the mall. We had a jolly ol' time in there acting straight up crazy, after we return from the mall, us "kids" joined together and played "Never Have I Ever."

If you haven't played it, I guarantee it is a very good way to find out things about people. Haha. I usually can hang in there for a while. Haha.
Today was my dad's birthday as well. I thought about calling him allll day, but I doubt he was home. I called his cell, but its off so... I'll call him at home tomorrow. For right now, I'm about to hit the bed and try to get a nap before my 4AM-8AM shift. [Sounds totally awesome, doesn't it.] Nitey-Nite.


Rai said...

lol @ that video.

why do you kinda sound like me woman?! hahah

.rawkii said...

Yeah, they are silly.
haha. I don't know.

the MRS. said...

lmao at video