Girl, Put Your Record On...
...Play Me Your Favorite Song.
   Well, tonight I bring you a snippet of one of my favs. Some of ya'll too young to know about this! Haha. Even I probably shouldn't know about this. =]
This song sounds sweet to the soul! It's the truth. Mannn, I tell you. My Moms and her generation had the BEST music. I mean, I bet the fellas only had to put the needle to this track for their lady and all wrongs would be forgiven. [For the night, at least.] I mean, they would have me at the first "Ohhh I." Haha. =P
  My Moms be hating when my sis or I would know more words to the oldies than she do. Haha. She swears we must have been groovin' in the womb. Probably so. I mean, from how she describes it, when you go to the club you actually dance. "Its a work out, you will be tired but you just keep on dancing." Not dry humping, dancing. Haha. Nah, I know some people still can get it on the floor, but the oldies just make you move. Whether its bobbing your head or swaying the hips a little. You just feel it. Sometimes I want to go to a chill spot where they play the oldies and get down. Who knows I may pull a sugar daddy who'll tell me, "You can have whatever you like." Haha.

That Brings Me To My Financial Report...
   That sugar daddy could surely aid me in some financial aid! So like I mentioned before, I have no idea how I am going to pay for school next semester. I had three options:
1. Apply and get the RA position: Free Housing.
2. Apply to my dream school again. Work hard/submit portfolio for scholarships to get something like or close to a full ride.
3. Stay out of school for a semester and work. (I really don't want to, cause I'm afraid I won't go back.)
   Well, scratch #1 off. I made it to 2/3 rounds for the position. I didn't make it to the third round. Bummerrr. In attempts to not get down, I tried looking on the bright side. I didn't really want to be a RA, but it would of helped financially. I looked up towards the sky. Then I thought, if I would have gotten this job, I would of dropped my dream school. Maybe this is God's way of telling me to try to bring the dream alive and go to SCAD [the dream school.] I've been wanting to go to SCAD for years! When I got pregnant, I dropped the dream to stay close to home, baby definitely came first. Since the miscarriage, I didn't bother to try to go. So maybe its time for me to get back on the grind. Kanye said, "Shoot for the stars so if you fall, you'll land on a cloud." I guess I'll see, look for me in the sky. =]  


Jervis said...

nice song

.rawkii said...


Rai said...

Try #2 and if that doesn't work.
Just try and save up some money.

That's another reason I'm not in right now.
I'll like to get some money saved up, not really trying to take out loans.

You'll figure it out. =]

hb said...

wow, i'm actually doing #2.
working on my grades as well as my portfolio then reapplying to my dream school SVA.

instead of completely leaving school to just work, i decided to go to a community college where i only have to pay 1/3 the amount i had to pay my big time university. that way i can save some money and not be stuck at a school i hate :).
lol. just do what you really want to do.

hb said...

oh wow, i didnt know SCAD was savannah. be careful about that school, it's an amazing school but they almost lost their accreditation around 06ish.

.rawkii said...

Rai: I hope I do...time is winding down. =\

hb: Finally! Someone else has heard about that too. My friend and I asked our professor about their accreditation, but she didn't know anything about it. I don't wanna go from bad to worse.