I'm Staying Behind My Wall For A While.
Just long enough for all the stupid dudes to go away. 

  I have been really slack at posting, but school keeps me busy. Plus, I have been spending a lot of time chillin with the girlies. I really like my roommates this semester. Yay! As for the dudes...well no comment. *sigh* I tend to have a really tall wall and I thought it was okay to let The Baller get over the edge. I was highly mistaken. I just don't feel like I can trust him anymore...he seems shady. I miss him though. The times we spent with each other. Oh well. Once I've become numb to the memories, I'll be good. The sad thing is, if he tries to make a change for the better, the numbing effect is almost irreversible. Eh, thats just how it is.
  I guess I'm going to take my friend's advice and "stay away from dudes right now." It wasn't like I was looking in the first place. So, I will continue to do so, in addition, I will stray away from dudes who try to approach me with more than friendship. I don't need more than that right now. I will just stick to chattin it up with Cali. He is the only exception.
   I'm so sleepy...and I have an assignment to do. Procrastination is not my friend right now. Haha. Night.


Jervis said...

procrastination needs to get the fuck outta my life

.rawkii said...

I dont know. Procrastination always brings his friend motivation along so, we're mostly cool. Just not when I'm sleepy.

[$ H A R O N A] said...

yeah everyone has slowed down a bit due to the new semester but i hope everything goes well for you! :)

Kait said...

my wall is up , officially as well.

.rawkii said...

Sharona: True, true. Thanks, you too girlie.

Kait: Thats what I'm talking bout.