Gotta Be Doing Something Right...
  Second day of the new year and I had witnessed Hateration's presence. I had just got off work...then boom! I find out someone post a big, rude, bull jive of a lie on me. I hate to say it, but it got to me. I felt I couldn't trust anyone. I tend to my own business. I'm very much to myself. I like my shell, it usually keeps me from being sucked into drama and the sort. Not this time. I knew it was just the devil...but I was blowed. I mean, it seemed no matter what you do, even a total stranger will try to bring you down.
  I was on the verge of erasing some good people out of my life. I did text a few too, turned off my phone. After I went to sleep on it, I had a talk with my mom. I tell you, I needed that. I already knew I shouldn't let things like that get to me. There will always be a jealous person who will try their d*mnedest to find fault in you and bring you down, no matter what you do. Why? I guess thats just how it is. My Grandma told me that you even have to "ask God to bless em [your enemies]...don't wish bad on anyone." So I did. Its sad that someone thrives off the torment of others...that, indeed, is someone who is in need of prayer.
  Anywho, after a nap and a good talk with my mom and my F-Bestest, I told the people to disregard the text(s). Like true homies, they were understanding; Cali, Homie-P, and The Baller included. 
On A Lighter Note...
  My roomie was going out with her friends. They were all jazzy, seemed so nice. I decided to get jazzy myself just for fun. I was anxious to piece up a outfit around the vest I bought at Its Fashion. [I may post a pic of the outfit later.] My Homie-S was on the way to come get me so we could grab a bite to eat. My homeboys usually give me honest opinions. So, I decided to get his. I clanked down to the lobby in my heels, yes I was actually wearing heels, so he could see. My homies were shocked, that was their first time seeing me in that type of get-up. From their expert male opinion, it was a certified "Good Look." =] Yay me! Now, all I need is an event to attend. =] Haha.
  Anyways, I changed and we headed downtown. We started riding around, looking for potential chill spots we plan to invaded later. Finally, we settled on going to the Vortex. It was a cool hamburger joint. I had a bacon-cheeseburger. I know I should of tried some new, but I don't like to play around or guess with food...even if he was paying. It was delicious! I couldn't even eat it all. Haha. Ima finish that up tomorrow.
  Now, I am at work. Yeah, I brought the computer with me this time. I decided to stay an extra shift...well, this is my second extra shift. Haha. I'm just trying to make up for the hours I lost over the break. Well, thats all for now. *yawn*


Rai said...

Ahh...hateration. -sighs-
What exactly happen though?

And a burger sounds soooo good right now.
I'm freaking hungry!! =[

The Black Barbie said...

Gotta love those haters.. Where would we be without them? Ugh!

India. said...

so VERY true.
you're doing your job & prayer is the best solution for all haters -- & there will ALWAYS be someone who would love to see you fail but dont give them that satisfaction; there not worth it.

sometimes cutting people out of your life is always best.

good luck