"Cause Even Though The Sun Ain't Shinin 
& The Birds Ain't Singin...
...it looks like a beautiful morning!" -Little Brother
  You know I was gonna start off this post talking about how I felt like I was getting sick, but I just received far more important news! Haha. Thanks to the people at This Is Sharona, I just learned of Katy P and Travie's break up. Yes, yes ya'll! This fine piece of man is SINGULAR! If it comes out to be untrue...please, don't burst my bubble just yet. If it is proven true..please mark this date down in your calenders. This, my friends, is a very beautiful thing. =] Aside from the possible breakage of hearts, of course.

In Other News...
As I was saying...I think I'm getting sick or something. I awoke and I felt more on the "ugh" side. So, you know what that means...NyQuil Time! Haha. Ahhh, thank the heavens for whoever made that. I don't do drugs, but NyQuil is crack. Straight up. I don't know why, but I'm always tempted to take one extra dose, even when I'm all better. =]
  Yesterday was nice. Uhhh, I slept til it was close to my 4PM-8PM shift. Came back to the room. Chilled with the girlies. We soon took a Wally trip. I loaded up on the essentials and came back. Ooooh yeah! One of the girlies taught me my favorite move from Beyonce's "Single Ladies" video. I would post it up...but I was still looking rough on it. I may make it a P.S. Post if I get up the nerve. 
  My 2AM-4AM shift wasn't too bad. The co-workers who did show up and I had a freaking blast. Crazy people + Soulja Boy + Cake = A Goodtime. Who would of known? I don't know if you've heard the song. Its stupid but catchy...so, I like it! Click the link and take an earful. =] Welp, I'm about to head to my Unc's. My lil cuzin who is 8, want me to help her with her MP3 player. Why does she have an MP3 in the second grade...I shall never understand.


[$ H A R O N A] said...

lol thanks for the shoutout. but yes this is important news. now if only we can get some pharrell lovin we will be set rawkii..

but anything + soulja boy= good times...

hope you feel better!

Rai said...

Haha. Travvie is so hot. -drools a little-
I read about that on Perez Hilton's blog.
Travis had posted this poem or some shit about how she's always nagging him.

LOL @ the abuse of Nyquil.

Man all the little kids getting stuff they don't need.
Martin's niece who like just turned 7(or was it 8) has A FREAKING CELL PHONE!!

India. said...

lmao.. he's single woot!
im sure youd look so much better with him then katy p (:

nyquil that used to be my addiction -- you sleep soooo good when you take one.. lol i didnt know anyone else did that.

.rawkii said...

Sharona: Indeed, all I need is some Skateboard P in my life.

Thanks, I do feel better.

Rai: I gots to read that poem. Haha.

I seriously abused it two days ago... wanted some rest.

I don't know what the world is coming to. They shouldn't have money for that...we're in a recession. Haha.

India: See, you and I could definitely get along. I agree, we would soo be a cuter couple. Making faces and all.

Word up on the NyQuil. You are not alone. Trust. Haha