"I Don't Wanna Be A Player No More..."
Forget that! Who needs boyfriends when you got video games
  Today was an "A" day. I was on the super high from Wonka's Chewy Sweet Tarts Minis. I love these things! If you ever want to put a smile on my face, send a pack of these babies my way! I also have been jigging to Lady GaGa. I know it's been out for a while, but eh, I'm lovin it. Her video is highly entertaining, I always catch something crazy each time I watch it! I especially love the line: "Wish I could shut my PlayBoy mouth." Hehe, naughty. Sometimes, I just want music to take away my worries. Let the lyrics fill my mind, the bass replace my heartbeat, and "just dance."
After chillin in the dorm for a while, I decided to head to my Uncle-E's house. I hadn't been there in a while. Made some brownies. My cousin and I got into this ridiculous brawl over who would cut them first. Haha. We were rolling all on the kitchen floor. May I remind you, I baked them! I wish I had the video to show you...then again, maybe not cause I kind of lost. Instead, I bring you the satisfied taste buds of my little cousin. =]

Yes, they were THAT good.

Once I returned to the dorm... 
...I ran into my friend J. She told me to take a peek at who was in the lobby. I didn't want to look, but she refused to tell me. I had a feeling I knew who it was, soon I discovered I was correct. It was The Baller. I tried to make a swift escape before he saw me, but with J. calling after me, I doubt I did it discretely. =\ That kind of put a downer on my spirit, but thanks to my new-found friend Homie-B, they weren't low for long. I promised him some brownies, so once I got to my room, I text him that they were ready. 
   When he arrived, somehow the conversation led to me discovering he was a gamer. He, in fact, had Super Nintendo and Dreamcast in his dorm! My eyes grew wide and I was filled with excitement. Needless to say, I just spent +2 hours, controller in hand. The joy! At my previous college, my homies and I spent endless hours on the PlayStation 2. Thank the Heavens, I have found a new game haven. =] Just in time so I wouldn't let my boy troubles get in my way. For now, gameboy is the only compound word I know that contains the opposite sex. Haha =]


The Black Barbie said...

lol your cousin is precious with the runnin man!

SICKNESS said...

Ahhh @ that controller.
Old school.

.rawkii said...

B. Barbie: Haha, she is silly. you should see her "Stanky Leg"
Pure craziness.

Sickness: Yes! Travel back to yester-year!

miss feedmekicks* said...

that video is cute.