Double Dribble! Take It Back Down...
Player, I'm Not Tryna Be Anyone's Rebound.
Yeahhh, so...last week, I was myspace-ing a little. I decided to check out the High School Sweetheart's [HSS] page. Yes! I did, I admit it. Big womp! Haha. Anywho, from his new pictures, I discover he had a girlfriend. They seemed so happy. They made a beautiful couple. It made me think, "I wish I had something like that." I'm thinking, maybe he has put the games aside, finally, and settled down. I won't hate on that. We are cool. Clicked and kept it moving.
Lo and behold, I was just checking out some blogs and I get a text message. Well, lookie who! It was HSS. It read, "When u comin to c me?" Whoa! I haven't heard/seen the dude since last year, literally. Something is up. So I check out his myspace page and the pictures are gone. I assume the relationship is over. Wow. So, now, I guess I'm suppose to be the rebound. I may be singular, but I'm not that lonesome. Haha.
I reply, "That was totally random." He responds with, "I kno." I hope he knows that ish don't fly here anymore. High school, yeah, he probably would of got me. Sadly. *sigh* So now I've been degraded to rebound status... Something must be done here. Haha.

Be careful what you wish for 
cause you just might get it!


hb said...

WOW! that's a crazy ass coincidence!
what an ass.

Rai said...

WTH! That's insane how that happened.
No one wants to be a rebound though. smh.

Kimberly Michelle said...

Good one, CRAAZZY.

Jervis said...

awww man,I was juss tellin my self that:Be careful what you wish for
cause you just might get it!

.rawkii said...

hb: Yes, craziness. haha

Rai: Exactly, no one. He's up to the same ol games, so I'm not really surprised.

Kimberly Michelle: I'm glad you agree. Haha.

Jervis: I know right. I mean, I know better than to go wishing all spontaneously. haha.

[$ H A R O N A] said...

GIRLLLLL THE SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME!! OVER THE SUMMER. THEN his gf found out and played games on my phone for days. She called me 45 times in three days and then i cursed her out and she stopped... ugh..

KLASH said...

LOL give the man a chance! SHEESH! women..
maybe your not a rebound! you may be his shot! ever thought of that? huh? maybe? huh? LOL. nah thats kinda weird i guess.. but giv em a chance tho? thats y im single. NO CHIKS GIV CHANCES NOW DAYS. i could be the best thing since ice cold cubes n water, but if i never get the chance wat does it matter? when i get famous tho..lol

.rawkii said...

Sharona: See, I went through the whole the-other-chick-pranking-calling thing in high school BECAUSE OF HIM! Seriously, I don't need that in my life.

Klash: You know, I have p-p-pondered this thought...cause sooner or later when it all comes crashing down he comes to me. But dude! I have gave him plenty of chances to get it together, thats probably why he is spoiled into thinking he can come to me now. I'm not gonna add insult to injury. Famous or not, he is not gonna "Mike Jones" me. Haha.
Haha @ "the best thing since ice cubes n water"

KLASH said...

ok listen. If this guy really likes you.. why not hear him out. thats all im saying.. and if you gave him plenty of chances why act like 1 more is going to kill you? obviously you MUST really like him if you gave out all these chances! and it sounds like to me he really likes you.. if you dont like him like him like that anymore.. let him know. be straightfoward with him and tell him how you feel. guys need to hear the truth in order to really move on. he will have no choice but to move on..me personally if i was in his shoes..
and i know im trying to get with you, and your not feeling me anymore, or my approach, i would just say ok and nice to meet ya. i wouldnt be mad, because it wouldnt be the first time ive gotten turned down. life goes on right? its not THAT serious dude!

KLASH said...

oh yea sometimes being a rebound could just mean " I NEED SOMEBODY TO TALK TO" maybe he knows he can talk to you, and he wants to continue THAT friendship.. ooor maybe im wrong.
fuck it then.

*plays back then by mike jones*

.rawkii said...

*presses eject button*
Haha, whoaaa. Klash, I understand where you are coming from, I do. Trust, I've thought about it, really, I have. You're right. He may just need someone to talk to. Cause back in the day, we confide in each other. I'm just a pessimist at heart, so I prepare for the worst. So when he hits me up like this, I assume "rebound." I admit, I very well can be wrong. I never said it would kill me to give him another chance, but that was in high school dude. Jinkies, I just feel bad with all the ALL CAPS you sending. haha.
So can we come to a compromise that he very well may or may not be up to no good, and I will never know unless I actually give him a chance.
*pops in War - Why Can't We Be Friends*