Yes, Yes Ya'll...
It's that tima again, New Years Eve!
Like I said before, I shall be at work when the ball drops...so I'm wishing you all a Happy New Year! I hope you have realized or found your own personal reason to appreciate the year that has passed. Whether it's good or bad, hopefully you learned something. Haha. I hope the best for you and yours in the new year. Remember, it is a blessing to be alive to see this day. So before you get drunk out your mind, thank the heavens. 'Kay?
I'm trying to finish up laundry. Not suppose to wash clothes on New Years Day, my Grandma told me that too. Haha. =] I'm kind of sleepy right now. I might as well shake that off, bout to head to work in a few.
Well, see ya in the New Year. Remember, each day...each year, is what you make it. Live out loud!


A.R. said...

happy new year. =]

Rai said...

and lol @ the video.
your mom was looking like get that camera out my face.

.rawkii said...