Its Not About The Spirit, Its About The School
...ever heard of the word game "Its not about the words, its about the letters"? I just figured out the concept of it. Took me dang near forever too. Haha. 

Anywho, not too much has been going on. OH! Except...Thursday night, I actually attempted to try to "go out." My Dutch roommate and her friend wanted to try out the nightlife so all of us (five) decided to go. There is the rave/punk/hip-hop party called "F*** Yes!" that seemed just like the multi-cultural spot. Plus, they have the most awesome club pictures! =] Well, we got there apparent at the wrong time cause we were in line for a good hour or so. It was freezing! Then when we got about 4 yards from the door...we heard that they were acting shady at the door and people were fighting. On top of that, it was gonna close soon. So we left.
  We went to Krispy Kreme and headed back for a heater and hot chocolate. Although we didn't get to party, we did have a good time trippin out. 

As For Today...
  My friends and I are heading to the boys basketball game. I get to see The Baller on the two big screens, woooot. [The was sarcasm.] It does something to me...we don't hang out like we use to. No bad blood between us, its just different now. Hm. Tonight, Sigma Nu party! Yayyy! [That wasn't sarcasm.] I have two good Sigma Nu friends who invited me. I decided to go...why not. Make up for Thursdays downer. Laterrr.

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Rai said...

I would had been mad If I stayed in line for nothing.
But Krispy Kreme's sounds soooo much better.

Hope you have fun today!
lol..have lots & lots for me.