Hammer Time!
Ohhhhh Ohhhhh. I love this video!
 So, this week was okay. I give it an B+. Work has gotten on my nerves a little bit, but hey...who doesn't go through that. School has been pretty breezy. Books coming in from good ol' Amazon. Cheap, cheap, cheap! Got two more to cop: One book I had ordered according to the university, but it was in fact the wrong book. The second, I'm going to try to convince my friend to use his employee discount to get for me. =] As for my ever-so-endearing love life...it is at a stand still. Be proud of me, I have been steering away from dudes. Keeping my word. Wall Enabled!
  Sooo, Thurday I went with my roomies to the club. Dude, can you say, "Brrrrrrr!" Jinkies, it was so cold. I was in heels, therefore my walking speed was a little disabled. Wind blowing, craziness... Once inside, it was okay. Not a poppin as I expected by I got my groove on. I was taller than about 95-97% of the dudes there. It happens. I think I may have offended a dude or two. Sometimes I wished the roles were switched and I would just hop my happy self on their back sides. Major Rule: NO partner dancing on my song "I Know" by Jay-Z. Haha. I just want to enjoy that song by myself, all I ask for.
  Friday was pretty simple. I slept til it was about time for my RA interview. My friend who already has advanced to an RA position prepped me. Thank The Heavens! I was super nervous. My Sigma Nu buddie, who is also an RA, helped also to calm my nerves and make me laugh a little while I waited to be called in. He said I had "nice" interviewers. I agree, they were pretty cool. I think I did well, but o know how that is sometimes. I reckon I will hear back from that sometime soon.
  Later that day, the roomies and I got pizza. It took me and hour to order on-line. I was trying so hard to use that 20% off deal. Haha. Anyway, we ate, tripped out...My Sigma Nu/Ra buddie came later to help get rid of the pizza left. 

As For Today...
I slept until time for work...breezy shift except for this guy. Summarized version:
Him: "Where ya man at?" <-I knew then trouble was ahead. "I've been seeing you and I haven't been saying anything, but Ima say something today."
Me: "Ohh. I don't have one of those."
Him: "You be all swagged out everytime I see you. I know these boys been trying to holla. I bet you're hood. You sound like a hood chick."
Me: "Me?" *raised eye-brow*
Him: "Yeah, I'm not spitting game. I'm being real. I'm a real a** ni**a with mine. I know how to treat a woman."
Me: "Why don't you have a girl then?"
Him: "I don't want a girlfirend right now. I just want friends, maybe even friends with benefits. Thats why we will be good."
*I make crazy look*
Him: "What cha wanna do shawty?"
Me: "I just want to do my job. Haha."

Ahh, crazy times at work. Other than that I finished helping my friend move, went to the b-ball game, ate with friends, congratulated The Baller on the win, went to sleep. Well, my next shift is coming up at two. Whoopy! [sarcassssssm]


Jervis said...

glad u had a good week.HAMMER time

.rawkii said...

Haha. Thanks!