Just Got Paid, Its Friday Night...
...and I treated myself goooood.
    So basically, my Friday started out to be pretty chilled, considering I slept til like 2PM. I was up late tripping out with the roomies and friends. Got of love 'em, but by 5AM, I told them I'll would "see them on the flip side."
    Anywho, my roommate asked if I wanted to go to the mall. Why yes, yes I did! =] I just got paid and I was in the mood to browse around. I don't really like to look if I don't have the money, it can get quite depressing. Haha. =\ So once we head into the mall, the first store that caught our eye was
LVL X. Especially since it had the "Everything Must Go" and "All Items: $5, $10, or $15". Who could resist?! Not I, the bargain shopper. It mostly had club wear type things, but a few casual wears. I don't get jazzy very often, but I happen to do the most damage in that store.
Yeah, I'm attempting to model these. 
They didn't look good from a flatten shot.
$7 and $9
$5 each
All of this, including a $15 metallic coat which didn't picture well, came up to about $50. 
   Next, we headed in 5-7-9, no luck. However, Charlotte Russe was having a sale on their bras! Just $5. I was so hyped, sadly, they didn't have my size. No love for the itty-bitty-committee. =[ *sigh* But I did find a nice black clutch for cheap.
$6.99, plus tax
It has a chain attachment, but I doubt I will use it.
    We checked out Target, but no luck there. Lastly, we hit up Rainbow. I headed right to the shoe section. I needed some black boots. Lucky for me, they had a "buy one, get one half off" deal, cause I also found some nice gray boots. The black boots were already marked down, so basically I paid $15 for each pair. Yes! Now my boot collection is basically complete. Thank the Heavens they were closing, cause I would have browsed the clothes and probably did more damage.
Oh the joy of completion!
    Lastly, we made a stop at Zaxby's. Our stomachs were growling! That ends the shopping trip. All-in-all, I think I did pretty well. I got a lot of items and I still have plenty of my pay check left. So it gets an "A" for the day.


Rai said...

lmao. I need pictures!!
I wanted some gray boots.

Ah, don't you just hate when
you see a cute bra & it's your not your size. =[

Rai said...

I'm soooo jealous. =[

.rawkii said...

Haha. Yeah, now I need to get groceries. Haha.

India said...

that clutch is soooo cute.
going out of business sales are the best
you got some really cute things.

.rawkii said...

haha, indeed.