This Is History In The Making...
and I managed to make some history of my own.
  As you well know, today is the first day our nation has had a black/mixed president. Wooot! It's a very beautiful thing. I'm delighted. In fact, I was so delighted...I skipped my 11AM class just to stay at my dorm and watch the inauguration on tv. =] Yeaaaah. I particularly liked how the pastor ended the benediction by saying "Black will not be told to get back, Brown can stick around, Yellow can be mellow, Red can get ahead and White will accept what's right." I may not have it correct word for word, but its close. Haha.
  Also, did you know that Obama was mentioned in the movie Something New? My girlies and I were watching it last night. Can you say "foreshadowing"...? =]
As For My Personal Achievements...
  Since I had only one class left, 1 skipped and another cancelled, I went to my Unc's and did some heavy duty grocery shopping. Laughed it up with the cuzzies. Once I got back to my dorm, I needed assistance to take my groceries from the parking deck to my dorm room. No easy task alone. So I decided to call Homie-S, no answer...called The Baller, no answer, so I called Roomie-N...She answered! Soon after, The Baller called back and I got him to agree to pitch in too. So we were waiting on him at the car. I was starting to think he was not gonna follow through, once again. Just as we reached the elevator, the doors open and there he was "just in time" [in his words]
  After helping me put the groceries up, we discussed our "ship." I finally figured out where his shady-ness was coming from. It was mostly on me, I will have to admit. I have to learn not to get mad at the world...most importantly, people who are really there for me. After that certain incident, he felt we needed a break. Understandable. If the tables were turned I would had done the same or worse. We also came to an agreement and there is no more break-age!!! I'm so elated! I mean, I really like this guy! I was so buzzed, I baked brownies! =] *blush* Shhh, he doesn't have to know all that. I pray he doesn't make me lose this hope of love [well, like-ness] that I have re-discovered tonight.
  I'm going to try to stay positive, but cautious about things. You know, try not to look for something bad to happen. I've said time and time again, "People look for things they don't want to find and ask things they don't want to know the answer to." 
Family Matters...
  My cousin from Penn. is here to train for the NFL columbine. I'm so thrilled! I should see him no later than Thursday. =] He should be here for like a month. Once my sister comes to visit, it will be awesome for all us cousins to hang out. Also, I made it to the second round for the RA position. Thank the Heavens!
All-in-all, today has been a BLESSED day! I hope the days to follow bring more laughter and smiles for you and me!!!
Post Laterrr.


India said...

this is history!
im SO proud i got to see it, because honestly i never thought it would happen in my lifetime
its somewhat surreal.

Congrats as well.

Rai said...

Ah, Sunday Morning!!

LOL. His name was mentioned on Will & Grace, too.
I watched it on tv as well. My mom and them were there
freezing their butts off.

Good luck with the "ship."

What is NFL columbine?
lol I know not a single thing about sports.

.rawkii said...

India: Haha, me too.

Yes, Maroon 5 is that truth. Haha.

Really? I havent seen that episode...or I just over-looked it. Oooh, I know it was soooo cold.

Its when players from all over showcase their skills in front of scouts to hopefully be drafted to a team.