Taking It Back One Hour...
since I'm in a different time zone now.
On the way to Alabama, going through the mountains.
 Well, getting up Monday morn wasn't as hard as I expected. We got on the road and headed to Ol Bama. Once we all arrived, we got straight to work. Three flights of stairs, three flights I say! I got my exercise in for the week. I'm still feeling sore today.
  Speaking of today... My moms, big sis, and I went out on the town. Haha. Ate Denny's...which I probably should have passed on. I'm not a big breakfast person. Sometimes, it makes me feel bad...don't know why. Anywho, we went to the mall and SuperTarget. I hardly find anything in the mall. Maybe a shirt here or there...nothing too extravagant though. We went to White Barn and I got me a nice plug-in air freshener. Can't wait to put that bad boy in my dorm room. I found me a cute bra in target. This is a big deal! I'm a sports bra girl. I only own one black push-up bra, which I got in high school when I was on danceline. Now, I got this white and red snowflake one. Woot, I'm moving on up...literally.
  So, New Year's Eve! When the ball drops, I will be just getting off work. Yeah. 10PM-12AM. It's not so bad...I didn't have any plans. At least I will be bringing the New Year in making money. Hm...I don't know...I'm hoping some of my friends will come rescue me or have some get-together going on once I'm off.
  Don't forget, a man should be the first to walk through your door on New Years, its good luck. That's what my Grandma says, so eh...I believe it. =] Maybe The Baller will be helpful in that department. We shall see, I shall post.

Taking It Back, Wayyy Back...
 Okay, maybe not "wayyy back." Well, tonight I was transferring some music files from my old computer at home. My sis [even my my on occasion] and I were jammin'! 
Remember these?
  • Emotion - Destiny's Child
  • Don't Leave Me Girl - Blackstreet
  • If I Ever Fall in Love - Shai [I love the acapella version!]
  • Bestfriend - Brandy
  • I Want To Be Your Man - Zapp & Roger
  • Gone - *NSYNC [Yeah, I took it there.]
  • Swing My Way - Inoj
There was more...but you get the idea. Haha. I need to get "Computer Love" by Zapp & Roger. I heard that on the radio the other day. Yes, I was getting down in the car on that one.


Jervis said...

damn,at least im not the only one thats not gonna be partying and shit on new years,lol. HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!

.rawkii said...

Haha. Indeed, we are one in the same.
Happy New Years to you too!

Rai said...

Geez! I would had died after walking up & down
all those stairs. haha
lmao. ew, i don't own a single sports bra.


Anonymous said...

I love that computer love song!
The other songs sure do bring back memories. =)

Happy new year!