Here is Some Visual Aid...
basically this is the photo(s) I promised would come later. I thought it would be neat to take a picture like this on his arm, right by his tat. 
So...geez, I have to remember where I left off. Mmkay, a day after Christmas. So basically, time for me to head back to school is nearing. =\ Hm. I'm really gonna miss being home. It's been a nice visit; I haven't really gotten bored at all. Too busy to, I guess. Speaking of busy, I seen the news coverage of the busy shoppers trying to rack up on deals. I really wanted to check out a few stores like Rue 21, see what I could get. However, money is low. My moms said she is gonna take my sis and I shopping when we go to Alabama in a few days to help my sister move. [Ima miss her, she was so close to my school. My weekend get-a-way.]
Saw my female Bestest today, she came by to get her gift and visit for a while. I love this girl like a sister. Its so crazy how we seem to click together so well, go through the same things in life around the same time. She is a true partner-in-crime. God forbid that should ever change. . She fits right in with the fam. You know, the kind of friend who can fix her own glass of water or plate of food for dinner. Haha. Top it all off, we both got a ring for Christmas.
While she was here, B.D. [code-name] texted me. I was kind of surprised...then again. He asked, "When r we gonna get up?" I replied, "When you come get me." So, to make a long story short, he is suppose to come get me tomorrow. I'm not gonna hold my breath. If he does show up, I hope we can actually get along and have a pleasant time. He wanted me to go with him tonight to a club where his friend was DJ-ing. I don't club, so I told him I rather not and we should just stick to the plan at hand.
After eating, Cali came and picked me up. We went to his Aunt's again. Mannn, I got drilled in the game of Trouble. His Aunt was crushing everybody! I lost my champ status today. After we left his Aunt's, we chilled at his house and watched Moesha! Haha. *sigh* Ima really miss hanging out with him and his fam. I like how things are like this...no labels, no complications, no obligations. It means so much more to me that we do things without the obligation. When you're in a relationship with someone, it feels like you're suppose to do, say, and feel certain things. But we share some of those things, despite the fact we are not in a relationship...feels more real, you know?
Tomorrow, well later today, I seriously have some things to do. I got to get up with my male Bestest. Love, love this guy. Haha. Thank God for him. More about him later, I'm sure. After spending some quality time with him, B.D. should be on his way, but we will see about that.
I don't know what is is about B.D. I mean, considering all we been through, I'm sure we are always bound to have some connection. It's just so crazy to me how we are. Apart, we can really crumble, but when we are together, in person...its like nothing ever happened. We are so cool, chilled. Dude knows me so well...can read me like a freakin' book and I tend to be difficult for most. I doubt we should ever get back into a relationship, but he claims he still has plans to throw up the big "I do." I could go on...but thats a whole other blog.


Rai said...

Ah, the ring.
lol I still want a close up.

Rue21 is awesome. Well if you can find something. lol Last time I went I didnt. =/

And you sooo obviously don't like the whole
commitment thing do you?

.rawkii said...

Haha. I'll take some more later.

Yeahhh, sometimes I don't either.

Well, lately I've really been straying away from it.

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