And This Christmas...
was a very special Christmas indeed. I hope the same goes for you and yours. Thanks for all the 'Merry Christmas' wishes!

Anywho, I didn't get back home yesterday til' like 2-ish in the morn. Cali [code-name] and I started shopping around like 11. I don't have to tell you how crazy it was out there. I got some sweeeet deals, including the $10 off purchase at JCPennys. Score! Haha. I managed to get 12/14 people on my recipient list a gift. I think I will pick up something for the last two later. I was sooo excited, not about the amount of money I spent [which was an all-time high] , but my family and friends' reactions. Especially my Grandma...she loves CokeCola, but I noticed she didn't have any in the fridge. I decided to buy a 12 pack and wrap it as part of her gift. When I gave her the gift, she shook it a little and said, "This is exactly what I need! Haha. Sho nuff is." Made my day right there.

All in all, the gifts were good, the food was good, the day was good. Thank God for that, you know. There are some many things that we have to deal with and worry about, but today was different. It's about the blessing of the day and the opportunity to be with people you love. I guess thats how it changes when you get older. As a child, you just focus on what you're gonna get. As you get older, you become excited about the things, time, and love you will share.

After my sister and I finished tripping out at my Aunt's house, I head to Cali's Aunt house, as I promised to do. He really had me in suspense about what he got me. After I open the gift from his mom, which is a bath set I plan to break in soon, he gave me the gift. I started to unwrap it...jewelry box. I opened it...I knew it either had to be earrings or a ring. It was a ring...well, promise ring, which he has yet to share the promise with me. His family started to trip me out. They were picking at us. Haha.

Man, I tell you...sometimes I feel like he deserves better, but God forbid that our relationship should end. I really do appreciate and love the guy...not for the materialistic things, but the way he finds a way to love me despite alllll my flaws. Thats something special there.

But...let me get off this computer...I'm still at Cali's.
Post pictures laterrr. God bless! =]


Rai said...

FIRST OFF, That's my song playing on your page. lol (nelly furtado)

Sounds like you had a nice Christmas.
And Mr. Cali seems so sweet. =] That was so cute of him to get you that.


Anonymous said...


Glad you had a nice christmas =)

Jervis said...

glad u enjoyed ya day

.rawkii said...

Rai: You have good musical taste. Haha. Ima post pics soon.

Shezlikeastar & Jervis: Thanks, I hope you enjoyed yours too. =]