I am officially "home for the holidays!"
Feels good...feels pretty darn good. Thank the heavens I made it. Half-way there, I got really sleepy. This is the second time thats happened to me. I know it had a lot to do with me getting only like 4-5 hours of sleep last night and the heater in my car. That would do it. I think the white noise of the road has an effect on me as well. I'm just not the ideal road-trip companion...give me about 15-30 mins and I'm knocked out.
I called my G-ma, cause my sister was not very helpful, to keep me 
talking. Made a stop at Wendy's. After a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger, I was back on the grind, homie.
Mannn, I can't even explain how good it feels to be back. My sis and I
 chilled at my G-ma's for a while. I've missed her...
and her home cooking. Yummy in my tummy! She is a trip too. Snazzy lady, if I do say so myself. I know she must get lonely staying there by herself. While my sis and I were semi-fussing she said, "Ya'll I miss that. That fussing. Haha." I mean considering how packed that house was, talk about Full House, I'm sure there is a big difference. I pray we get to share many, many, many more moments like that.  
After watching a lifetime movie, we headed to the house and moms. Haha. I missed her too. We may all go to our separate rooms once we walk in the door, but we're pretty close. It's been just us three girls for forever. Haha.

In Other News...
I got that new Kanye, thanks to my future bro-in-law. Yeah, I'm late...but eh. So, I've been listening to all the tracks. I always like to find another favorite other than the singles on the radio. I really like "Paranoid" & "Robocop." From what I heard, it seems people either really hate or really love this album. It gets ✰✰✰ from me, pretty average. Tis all for tonight.


Rai said...

haha. I usually stay up on long drives.
I rarely fall asleep, but if I do ... I tend to wake up.


.rawkii said...

Thats how my G-ma is...she says she "needs o see what is going on." Haha. I hope I do too. Cali is home too! =]

Rai said...

My Grandma is in Maryland right now. lol
She's a trip, cursing & all.

Ohhh he is.... interesting. lol -whistles

Yeah and that's so true about Kanye's album.
A lot of people either like it or they don't.

.rawkii said...