Are you photogenic?

My friends tell me I am. Then I look sideways. If photogenic means you have to take about 100+ photos, then you may have 0-5 good pictures out of that set...welp, then I can be considered photogenic. Haha.
My bestie (miss him) and I were discussing this...we both agree that we only have good pictures when we take it ourselves. I mean when someone snaps a pic of me...more often than not, I don't like em. Haha. I usually make faces or throw up the bunny sign...can't go wrong with that. Plus, I just like making faces and throwing up the bunny sign so...
Posted are a few pics that made the "cut." I think I look skinnier than usual in these, hence the title.

This Evening I Woke Up...
...and I really didn't get anything accomplished. When I got up, my moms and sis were walking in with groceries. So, I helped put them up. They also brought Zaxby's! How nice!
Couldn't eat it all, got full quick. After which, I decided to go ahead flat iron my hair. I was looking like Denise off the Cosby Show. Everyone can't pull that look off...including me.
I did not get any visiting done. I know I need to go see Cali [code-name] and his fam, but I just wasn't feeling it...well the driving there part. I enjoy chillin there. Doesn't feel awkward like the ex-boyfriend's house or anything like that. It's like they adopted me right into the fam. Plus, his mom can cooook! =] Always a plus.
Anyway, I text and arranged for him to come get me tomorrow. So I shall be at his house most of the day. That is after I go with my G-ma to the cemetery to put some flowers on G-pa's grave. I usually would make a fuss, but eh...I wasn't bothered to go. I know she needs/wants someone to go with her. 
Hm, I need to get my Christmas recipient list done. Cali and I should be going shopping Wednesday. Luckily, I'm not the only person who has yet to buy gifts. Haha. Hm, I reckon I'm gonna get him some polos. I'm not sure if I'm going to get The Baller [code-name] a gift. I'll tinker about that.

My mom gave me this today... She told me "You need this...see, it has an angel on it." Few days back she had to help me through one of my episodes. So, I knew what she meant. I really appreciate her being there for me. It's a candle holder if you were guessing. I know you may be thinking, "So what?! Its just a candle holder." Of course, it has no meaning to you, but I love gifts like this. It's not about the money behind it, but the thought.


Rai said...

I think you are photogenic.
lol, but yes you do look thinner.
I think EVERYBODY takes hundreds of pictures and keep only a few. (I know i do)

haha. it's so funny though, i do the same
when other people are snapping a picture of me.

BTW, cute candle holder.

[$ H A R O N A] said...

ahhh zaxbys. every bite you here your arteries clog.
but yeah if thats the definition of photogenic...then i am too.

.rawkii said...

Rai: Haha, eh...but you are for more photogenic than I. Remember how long it took me to update my pics. This surprised me...my arms didn't look flabby, but my small boobs seem almost non-existent. Haha.

Cause we're Twinnies.

Thanks ma'am

.rawkii said...

[$ H A R O N A]: I know right, but its not as bad as a Varsity joint. It seems like all their food is deep fried and soaked in oil. =\

Woot, welcome to the semi-photogenic club. Haha =]