On The Road Again...
Tomo...well...Today, I shall be on the move again to Alabama. 
  I made it back to Atlanta around 7-8. Before I left home, I visited my old friend. We had a good ol time catching each other up, when I finally found her house. I know I have been there plenty of times, but it had been so long. I don't know, it just seemed smaller than I remembered. I always thought her house was so huge! I mean, they had stairs, a big yard, and a pool! Haha. She is a darling. Her whole family is so nice. I hope she liked her gift, if not, she fooled me. Before, I left she surprised me with her mom's biscuits and cinnamon rolls. A whole batch, just for meee! Those things are good.
  After that, I made a quick run to Its Fashion. I went in there with my male Bestest yesterday. I saw a few things that I wanted to come back to and try on. I got a black vest and a red cardigan. Score! =]
  By the time I reached my house, Cali was there waiting for me. He came by to see me before I left. He's a sweetie. He seemed extra handsome today...hm. He gave me a kiss on my forehead. [Gotta love those forehead kisses.] Anywho, my moms and I loaded up our things and I gave him a hug goodbye. Soon after, we picked up my lil cousin, he got recruited into the whole moving process too. Haha. I kissed my Grandma good-bye and hit the road.
  I didn't get too sleepy this time, but my eyes were low. Oh! Strangest thing happened when I stopped for gas. You know how the nozzle handle will jolt when the tank is full? Well, it didn't do that...so Im pumping and I hear this weird gurgle noise, next thing i know, gas spills from my car. Needless to say, it was full. Took less money than usual, so eh. My mom was like, "that is so dangerous...if someone throws a cigarette down thinking that is just water on the ground, they are gonna get hurt." Hm, wouldn't of thought about that.
  I hit traffic, called my Unc, found a detour. When we made it, my fam and I all got to work loading up my sister's moving van. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Finished up there, went to my dorm. Luckily, my homie was driving up when I arrived. He gave a helping hand in unloading my stuff. After some time, The Baller came over and chilled. Nice lil visit. 
  Now I must go to bed. I have to get up early. Haha. Clearly, I'm not gonna want to move out of bed, let alone, move my sister's stuff. Haha. 


[$ H A R O N A] said...

omgish! that sucks about the gas. however... the drive wasnt that bad right?

Rai said...

I love It's Fashion! Well if I find something.
Aww, kisses on the forehead are the best.

Bet you were knocked out forever! lol

.rawkii said...

[$harona]: Nah, the drive wasnt bad.

Rai: I know right. Haha. I love goin in there and finding awesome mark downs.

Yes indeed, they are the best!

No, they woke me up. =[