Talk About Mood Swings...
  I was just sooo super wiped-out an hour ago. Pouting and what not. So I started to listen to Kanye's 808s & Heartbreak. First, I was mopping to "Bad News" then I started to listen to "Paranoid." This album came just in time to rescue me from my pointless disposition. I mean, from the beginning when he asks "Why are you so paranoid?" and you hear the laughing on the track, I began to crack a smile. He is right... "Baby, don't worry bout it. Hated? Don't even think about it." "You're worried bout the wrong things, the wrong things." Then he asks, "Tell me right now, do you really want to live your whole life alone?"
  Well, no I don't. No need to worry, its useless. I have been having an awesome break...no time to wallow in nostalgia now. I had a great time chillin with my male bestest today. Got me some good ol Zaxbys, his treat.  
  Jinkies, I love how music comes to my rescue. Forget dudes, music is my boyfriend. Okay, maybe not forget dudes all together... I talked to The Baller [code-name], trippin' with him helped me smile too. I'm going to see him in a few days. Thats my homie back at college. He and I have plans to see Seven Pounds, which I heard is awesome. So thats something to look forward to. 
  Now, I'm on the phone with Cali. One guy who has continued to stay by my side. Sweet, nice guy...clearly, I'm "worried bout the wrong things, the wrong things." =] 


The Black Barbie said...

7 Pounds was amazing! You will love it girl

Jervis said...

glad to see that the album did something for u

Rai said...

I agree! Music is the best to make you feel better.

I heard Seven Pounds will have you in tears. lol

miss feedmekicks* said...

i wanna see 7 pounds so baddd!

.rawkii said...

Yeah, Im excited about going to see it. I hope it is as awesome as everyone says.

Haha, yeah it does. I'm assuming it doesn't nothing for you. Haha

I heard that too about some people shed a tear, but I'm too gangsterrr for that. Haha

Well if you go before me, give me your yay or nay.