So... *sigh* I was good and fast asleep.
Making the Zz's around 12 o'clock. Then, I'm
awaken to dogs barking. We do not own dogs,
but eh, its pretty normal. A lot of our neighbors do. 
So, I just shrugged it off.
It seemed like they were moving on down
the street. I got up to see if there was actually someone
outside cause they were barking for a while. Next thing,
I hear this bang against the house! Like the dogs were
duking it out right against the house. I was getting 
worried cause it sounded like a small dog and 
a big dog were involved. Trust me that sight is
not pleasant to see, at all. I woke up my moms and 
she began to look outside. The dogs were no where 
to be found, but it sound like they were brawling right
against the house.
Lo and behold, they were in fact...UNDER the house.
Some how they must of gotten behind this board we 
have up that blocks the entrance. Great man, just
It was funny to hear my moms stomping on
the floors tho. Haha. Eventually, they must of got out 
cause I don't hear them anymore...but now I'm up at
three in the morn. Just when I thought my sleeping 
routine was about to get back on track. 
I reckon I can guess again.

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