"Follow Thru", Yeah, About That...
So, after I finished writing that blog and was getting ready to go 
back to my G-ma's, I called my female Bestest. I wanted her 
opinion about the situation. You know, so I could confirm that I was 
not trippin'. She had just finished agreeing with me. Then I got a text 
from Cali [code-name] "Can i come get you now?" Man, I felt 
kind of bad then.
I mean, my point was still valid...but I did feel bad about getting 
short with him. Aw, that's my Cali for ya. Can never stay mad at him 
for too long. He even called to apologize on his way to get me. I told 
him, it was sooo unnecessary. He's was on his way, we had a 
misunderstanding, its cool. Jinkies, if the world was set right, I would 
be so in love right now. Something may be wrong with me.
Anyways, after I dropped off some things for my moms and sis, we 
went to his Aunt's. I was kind of nervous...silly right? I mean, it had 
been a while since I been in the fam scene. I was worried it wouldn't 
feel chilled as usual. I didn't have anything to worry about. Once I 
walked in the door his niece and nephew came running towards me.
Cali and I still fussed like "an old married couple," which his sister 
said. Tripped out with his mom and sis. Played with the kids. 
Cracked jokes with them all.
The subject of marriage had arose when I was talking to his mom 
and sister. They always pick at me and how I would hesistate to go 
on their family outings. I always tell them I don't want to intrude, but 
usually they convince me to come along...I'm mostly easily swayed. 
They asked, "What are you gonna do when you get married, you 
gonna tell your husband that?" I replied I didn't think I was gonna 
get married. I think I'm a little too difficult to ever get hitched. Cali 
says he would like for us to one day. I don't think I would do him any 
good...as of right now anyways.

Christmas? Its Tomorrow!
Well, I got my list made! =] Cali and I are gonna go shopping in the 
morn, then I will be chillin with his fam all day. Like he and I have 
said, "They have adopted me." Haha, who knows we just may jump 
the broom one day.


Rai said...

He is so into you. Awww that's so cute.
WOW! Doesn't seem like Christmas is tomorrow. =/

.rawkii said...

Haha. I know...but it doesn't always feel like that a good thing, well fair thing in his case.
About Christmas, I know right! Man, I need some holiday cheer...or spirit or something. Haha.

The Black Barbie said...

He seems like a good catch! Let him love you girl.. Your lucky.. A lot of girls would kill to have that type of frienship/relationship.

.rawkii said...

He really is...its not him, its me. I admit it, but I just feel like we arent on the same level. He knows that. But I dont plan to end our "friendship/relationship" anytime soon. =]

Oh yeah...I tried to comment your blog. It won't work =[

supreme. said...

merry christmas. =]