Numero Uno

Woot! My first blog-thingy! Look at me now, Twinnie.
Today, well...actually once I finish this post I shall be on
my way to my hometown, which is three lovely hours
away. I'm happy to make the trip though. I haven't been
home in a while.
I know this post is suppose to be the first impression
of my whole blog...but don't judge it just yet. But eh, if you
do, be my guest. Trust me, I will continue on as long as
this blog stays on my mind. =]
I reckon I shall blog once I've made it home!

Gossip G...
Just kidding! I do love that show.
More about that laterrr...

I dedicate my title to my new spanish-speaking friend of facebook.
He is extremely nice, sadly I have to google everything he says. =\

1 comment:

Rai said...

lol @ the ending.
I love the colors, twinnie!