School Starts...

...next Monday. I'm not sure if I'm ready...emotionally. I love that this summer hasn't flown by like ones before. I feel so much has happened and although it has ended with the cutting of ties with people I was "close" to...it was still a great summer. I've met new people and learned a lot.
Its just, I feel like things will be slightly different now. Awkward. Seeing now that 2/3 of my usually crew aren't talking to me. However, I have my Sorors, a few guy friends, and co-workers to lean on. Even if things are reconciled, it won't be the same. My view has changed [theirs probably have too] and I won't let them get that close to me again. Maybe I have new people set to enter my life. Maybe its a process I have to learn.
School is now in session.

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