Sunny Side Up!

Last two posts were...depressing. I know. So to end things on a good note before I head to bed, here are some positive things going on:
  • I move in my apartment with my two good friends and old roomies on the 14th!
  • Things with the newsletter were rocky, but seem to be shaping up. I just need to learn how to delegate and plan ahead.
  • My Mom is the best, she is always there to give me words of peace. They always come to the rescue, why did I ever doubt her? Oh her birthday is Sunday July 8!
  • I get to go see Step Up 3D with a friend of mine. He is sweet and I haven't seen him in a while. Will be nice to catch up. Plus a great movie!
  • I bought some healthy foods to keep the pounds and sickness away. The lack of Subway in my diet this week was starting to make me feel bad. I'm use to it 3-4 week.
  • Leo called tonight. Nice to know I'm still on his mind and we've made plans to go see The Other Guys on Friday. [I like his good timing...thats another post for another day.]
  • My Uncle is better, he was having heart problems, but actually made a call here today and should be released to rehab to regain his balance in a few days.
  • I have family and friends who love me, I'm attending college, I have a job, I can read and write, I see no battle, I have food and water and some money, a baby angel that looks after me, somewhat peace of mind, and I'm alive!
There is so much more I could list that I thank the Heavens for. I need to remember to reflect back on the big and small blessings I have. Not only does it keep me afloat, but there all many on this world who aren't so fortunate.
So give some free love today! =]

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