B.D. wrote: "Me and you was forever to be. I was fine being your destiny."

To clarify the situation: Before he went off to basic training, I thought it was best to try to leave him alone completely. Therefore, he felt like I "turned the page on him." That is why it was written in past tense. However, it seems like it still stands true. The fact that I have been diligently writing him back is evidence in itself. I'm not good at replying to people via snail mail. However, I anxiously wait to receive his replies and write him back. I have been able to tell him things that I should have said a long time ago. He has told me things, which have clarified a lot of unanswered questions.
I'm just wondering is it silly to think this way? Not the "forever" part. My focus is: to believe someone is your destiny. I must admit some part of me really believes, despite whoever should come along, I will end up with him. Weird or stupid maybe. Its true. I continue to date others, I think it would be unwise not to, you never really know who is the "one." I'm currently in a relationship with Mr. N. and its going well. However, I have yet to connect with someone on such an amazing level. I honestly believe I will love B.D. forever, which I expect, considering we'll always have a connection because of our son.
However, I wonder if feeling this way will hinder me from connecting and loving someone else at such a capacity or greater? Are we limited to only one great love? Have you ever/Do you feel the same about someone?

Much appreciation to T. Miles for his recognition.
He has a good heart, check him out.


destined2luvkiki said...

hey..im pretty good at givin advice so im gonna try my best to help u

u had a great point when u said u and ur b.d will always have a connection because of ur son. it will always be a connection there/love there because of ur son

are we limited to only one great love?? thats a hard question becuase of the saying u know its one person out there for u. but u can def love someone else probley not as much as ur b.d but probley just as much. get it :)

Im not sayin ur b.d is the one or the guy ur wit now is the one. but i say give it a try, i mean at least at the end of the day u can say "at least i try". u dont want to keep wonderin "what if" if u do ur nvr gonna get anywhere

so i agree wit wat u said about u always havin a connection wit him because of ur son u will always love and care for him. but u have to live ur life too, u cant wait on no one cuz u nvr kno wat the outcome might be

ok im just blabbin now
so i hope this help

.rawkii said...

Yeah, you're right. I won't know unless I try. Still, I'm not gonna freeze for him either. Nope, nope. Thank you reading and replying. =]
I guess we'll see how it goes.

destined2luvkiki said...

ur welcome

ThaDon said...