Although I'm broke...
Even, I have managed to get a few things this summer. =]
You will find me with that purple purse, everyday. Haha. I broke the strap on those shoes the first day I wore them.
Heels and I don't get along well sometimes. =\ I plan to doctor them with a hot glue gun cause I like them so much.
I have yet to use the $3 clutch. Corrina, Corrina is a classic plus it was only $5. The book is Marked. Its a decent read so far. I love the nail polishes, even though I have only worn the Pink Promenade. I also been practicing make designs with the white. Fun. =]

These are 3 of my fav. tops I have acquired. I have yet to wear the middle one. Clearly. Haha. I have not an occasion or bottoms to pair with it. Any suggestions?


miss_bo$sy said...

if you havent started reading marked or if you have the series is awesome! i am already up to book #4 untamed.

.rawkii said...

Oh wow. Yeah, I'm on the second book now. I really like them, just got to find more time to read.