Right now, I am currently on a weekend out with my Mom. We decided to go and get a hotel room for two nights and we have been shopping like crazy. I tired to be conservative and not make her buy too much for me. She is paying for my first month of rent when I move in my apartment at the end of this month. Yes! I got an apartment! =] However, today we came across some nice deals. I mean niceeeeeeee!
I usually shop for the winter and fall during the summer. You will discover some good finds. Especially when the school year is near, a lot of stores will be having sales to clear room for new merchandise. Like I got a peacoat for the low today! I was so hyped. The real excitement was a New York & Co. They were having at storewide 70% markdown sale. Yes. My mom and I spent around 3 hours. We checked out and before we got out the store we found more things and made a second purchase. I wish I had some photos of all my purchases. That would took some time...maybe later.
Besides all that. It feels really good to spend time with my mom. I realzed that we have really become closer over the past few years. I use to think we were sooo different. Its crazy how much you come to know as you get older.

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Jilleesa P said...


I really like your blog.

I just started mine, and i would really appreciate it if you read it and told me what you think.

- Jill