Lately, I have been wondering what happened to the 'relation' that was suppose to be on our ship? I really don't see the point or purpose of our relationship. Things are not adding up. I talk to Mr. N maybe once every week or so. I'm not exaggerating. We had talked about this because this had concerned me for a while. He just told me that he thought I would understand; that is just how he is and he doesn't mean to come across as inconsiderate. He doesn't want us to grow tired of each other by hanging out all the time and that he would let me know if he didn't want to be with me anymore. Immediately after, communication between us imporved, but it has quickly sunk to an all-time low.
So what? I'm just suppose to be obligated to this so-called relationship until he grows tired of me. I really don't see what he is getting out of this. Meanwhile, I go to other guys in my life to receive all the things that he fails to supply. I shouldn't have to do that. Furthermore, if I am turning to others to bring me conversation, comfort, laughter, etc...who is he turning to? Most importantly, why am I not bothered by the idea that he maybe he is?
If these aren't red flags, I don't know what is. Why is he not bothered? Why would he want to keep me along? What is the point? Why is it hard for me to just end it? Put this relationship out of its misery cause it is suffering.


Mala Mala said...

wow, i seriously feel the same EXACT way about my "relationship".

And this feelin is extremely weird to me because im usually the one to be nonchalant about things. smh =/
when you find out what to do, let a sister know ! lol


Ellie said...

sweetie sometimes guys can be naive, when it comes to our feelings. They can't help it. Yet, i must admit not all guys are the same there are a few of them that do give you all you need. But if you like him then tell him how you feel: honestly and without holding back. If he really likes you then he will do everything in his power to change. I really believe that. I swear. But if he doesn't then, forget him... you're young: there are a million more guys out there. ..lol..

Neesh B Fly said...

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KLASH said...

yea..im late.. uh.. coming from a guy.. im kindda like that too..your BF but ot really.. i just dont like talking on the phone.. dont know why.. im just not big on the phone.. uhm you can text me tho? lol seriously tho if your not happy.. end it. it not worth putting yourself throught the drama. communication is one the most important things in a relationship and without it what can you accomplish together??