Well, not exactly. Thursday, my mom told me I had received a letter from my Bestest-M, he is in the Marines. I found this kind of strange. Although he is going through training, he is able to communicate via cell. Actually, I had talked to him just the day before. So, she said she would double check when she got home.
However, B.D. [baby daddy] had just left for basic training for the Marines this month. I had gave him my address, but we kind of ended on a bad note during our last conversation. I figured that "goodbye" would be our last. That didn't keep me from wondering if it was actually from him. I had been wondering how he was doing. I asked his twin brother, but when he texted me, he never answered my question.
When my mom called back, she told me it was in fact from B.D. I can not lie, I could of cried. Right on the spot. I was so happy. I know, I know...there are many things that need to be worked out between us. I know I've said I was done with him. Etc. Also, I do know I love him, always will. Crazy, I know, I haven't even read the letter yet. Despite all the reasons I shouldn't care, I do.
My Moms has sent it off. I'm sooo anxious for it to get here! I was thanking her repeatedly for sending it right away. She said, "Oh gosh!"
I replied, "I know, its crazy right? I shouldn't be acting like this, huh?"
She then said, "It's alright girl. He's your first love."
Yeah, he is.

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