Meet Robin, my guitar, I miss him. =\
orry. I have been slack on bloggin' on here lately. I apologize, to followers new and old. Lately, I've been dealing with a few setbacks and trying to get things set for Fall. As I mentioned before, I got goals to reach this summer.
Yesterday, I went to check out the studio apartment. You guys, I think I am in love. =] Haha. I really believe this is where I wanna be. I should of taken pictures. Yeah, so the smallest room is the kitchen. I mean, its one of those small kitchens you only see in the movies. I think that is why I love it! Its just right for me. I don't cook...all I need is a microwave and boom! I'm ready. =]
As for the rest of the apartment: the bedroom and the livingroom is combined into one. Oddly, I don't mind. Nice sized walk in closet! I mean, I love it! I plan on get my application in this week and have that squared away.
Tomorrow, well this morning I have a interview for a job. [Pray for me!] I know, I should be sleep, but these butterflies are reckless. I'm hoping for the best. My Homie-S really helped me out with this one. I wouldn't have this interview if it wasnt for him. He is awesome. It is good to have friends ya'll.
I'm so happy things are starting to look up for me. Thank God, you know. I've been feeling like the "black sheep." [long story] Now, I feel like I'm really on track again. =]

Hope you're on a good path too.

P.S. I'm on tumblr. Check it out when you got nothing to do. =]

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