I'm on a blogging frenzy, eh? Hehe. Anywho, I also was contemplating whether I should cut my bang back or not. I was going to do a poll about it, but I figured it probably wouldn't be successful. So, last night, I went for it. Here is the outcome! I'm happy. =] Also, I was looking for a glosser to use when I flat-iron my hair so it wouldn't be too dry. I found Luster's Pink Glosser. I like it! It does the job, plus this it smells soooo nice! Like perfume, actually!
In Other News...
Also, I just found out who Ryan Leslie is. I had heard his song "Addiction" before, but I didn't know who sung it. I know, I'm pretty late. He's pretty nice. I tell you I've kind of had his song "Gibberish" on repeat. Its a different approach to singing lyrics, thats for sure. Haha. Amy Winehouse, I have a new-found respect for her. I only heard bits of her rehab song, but I dug deeper and she is awesome. She has substance to her songs. I especially love this song.


Shandra E...*the misses said...

1: I Love your hair!!
2: Amy Whinehouse is the Truth aint she?!! I stalked her musically for a good while when she 1st came out!!

3: lol..So yess you are Late when it comes to Ryan Leslie (i also Stalked him Musically BEFORE he first came out), lol so i've been addicted/loving him some time now!!

4: My Confession: I was UBER LATE when it comes to twilight, so late that i actually assumed the pic of Edward & Bella (to the right) was some pic of you & your boyfriend??! lmbO i've since wactched the movie Twice now; a new found love!!

And Lastly: Great Blog :)

whiteskinpoppin. said...

your hair is SO cute.


Rai said...

I probably won't cut my bang, again. lol Just let it grow out.

Amy Winehouse has an awesome voice, but the drugs will get in the way if she doesn't fully stop.
And you didn't know who Ryan Leslie was?! hahaha.

And thanks about my dad. (:

jada*lenae said...

your bangs are CUTEE !
i wanna cut my hair like that now, aha.

&& ryan leslie . . i love him. he's so creative.

.rawkii said...

Thank youuu! =]

Yes, she is the truth!

Yeah, I but I know him now, so it all good. Haha ;

Hahaha @ your confession. Hehe, if only my beau looked like Robert. jk. Glad you love Twilight. =] ;

Thanks for the blog love, I really appreciate it. =]

.rawkii said...

whiteskinpoppin: Thank youuu. =]

Twinnie: Thanks Rai! Yeah, I kind of missed mine.

You're right, Ms. Winehouse really needs to go to rehab. I've seen picures of her before the drug prob and she was gorgeous!

Yeah, I was pretty late on the Ryan tip. Haha.


jada*lenae: Thank you!

Yes he is creative!

tianamonique--* said...

awwh i love ur hair! prettyyyy =]

Miss Wilson said...

Your hair looks dope in this picture
& Gibberish is my new love too

ariana. said...

Your hair looks awesome. Perfectoo

**Star said...

The hair is BOSS!
That song gibberish is decent...

Amy Winehouse needs to get her together...

**Star said...

Oh, and you're gorgeous!

A.R. said...

you're hair is very cute.

Shantae said...

lol Wow girl, you are late on the music tip. You need to get on that!

Your hair is dumb cute btw. I'm almost tempted to get my bangs back. Almost!

.rawkii said...

tianamonique: Thank youuu. =]

Miss Wilson: Thank you. Yes, I have that joint on repeat. Hehe.

ariana: Thank you a bunch! =]

.rawkii said...

**Star: Thank you x 2! Haha. Yeah Amy, she needs to do better...don't want to lose her.

A.R.: Thank you. =]

Shantae: Haha, I know, I'm usually on point with my R&B, guess I've been deep in my Rock music.

Thank you! Haha. =]