Feeling full. Just got back from the Japanese restaurant with Jarvis. It was nice. He is soooo tall, 6’4-6’7 I think he said. Geez. He deserves a big ”アリガトー ゴザイマス” = Thank you
lso, I’m noticing I’m not able to eat as much as I use to…hm, good sign.



This guy is awesome. He is so kind. At least twice I asked, “Why are you so nice to me? He even surprised me by buying Uptown Girls for me, after I talked about how I losted my copy and couldn’t find another. =]
his was taken while we were at Applebee’s today…good times. =]



He came over today, I missed him.
Picture me stealing his sweethearts candy. =]



Yep, I cut it. I’ve been talking/thinking about doing it for a while.
As of yet, no regrets. =]



Walking from class and for some reason this caught my eye.
It’s an old electricity box in downtown Atlanta.



Just got done with a interview…good things may be in store.



Left home to go back for school. Womp.



Sometimes, when I sit back and think about love and relationships, I feel numb. Numb to the wanting of it. I find it to be useful now-a-days, since I’m keeping my options open. My mom says this is a good thing, I concur. However, I do fear the possibility of being paralyzed from love forever.



The Little Princess

My little cousin was in her first pageant today. She won! I’m so proud of her. I just hope she knew how beautiful she is inside and out before she got the crown.



Pictures of school, work, and workouts. Just use your imagination.



Prelude to a Kiss
Just when I start to feel numb to the things of young love. He always finds a way to tug his string connected to my heart…even after I thought I snipped it.



No picture again. Just imagine me working out the first time in months. Yeah, I’m about to get swole. Hehe. =]



First day back to work and classes, and also the longest day of my week, went smoothly. Can’t really complain. Now, I’m sitting back with a bag of seeds. Good day.



A photo today would of been highly inappropriate.



Before I headed back to school, I went outside my Grandma’s house to go to car. I just stood there and looked at the backyard I grew up and played in. “It seemed so big back then,” I thought. Thats one of the things I like and dislike about life. As you get old, your view on everything changes. Some for the better and others, sigh…



People let me tell you about my best frienddd…

This is Colt. He has been there for me since 8th grade. I could always depend on him. We are kind of the opposite of each other, which is great! I love him. Anywho, this was taken at Applebee’s after we watch Avatar. Avatar was that greatness!
Ooo, I may be getting a pet turtle form Colt soon. Wouldn’t that be grand?



The only pic I took today was of myself. No biggie there. So today, I'm going to try to paint a picture in your mind.
Imagine that you are in a slight crowded area. You are minding your own business then someone catches your eye. You watch them long enough to see them go to the other side of the room. You notice they glance your way and you quickly look down. You look back up to see if they are still looking and to your pleasant surprise, they are. They smile and you smile back. However, you can't find the legs to walk or the words to talk to them. They stroll out of the door of opportunity. You blew it.

I'm a shy person, always have been. Once I warm up to a person, then things are cool. I just like to observe and feel people out until I'm comfortable, but what if I don't have the time. What if I only have a few minutes or second to make a move or lose the chance forever?
I always thought, if the person and I are meant to meet, well...it would happen. However, I'm starting to think, maybe I missed out on some great people, place, or things. I mean, sometimes God places things out for you and the only way to get it is if you go for it. I don't know how successful I will be at making a change to this, but I think soon I will be set in some tests.
I got to learn how to walk and talk again.



I’ve been in the house since Monday night. These have become my best friends. =\



Get On My Level
These two make me feel light. =] I hope to spend more time with these two this year. I've missed out on so much already.


Meet my bestest friend Star. This is the Best Friends bracelet set she bought us for Christmas. We separated them and put them on tonight. This is one of the most precious gifts I've ever received. I don't want to take it off.
I really don't like how college seems to make the phone call between us scarce. Tonight I had sooo much to catch her up on. Still, we always trip out like we're still in high school, tighter than ever. True friends are a rare thing to come by, so I thank God for her.
After this picture, we picked my lil bro up.
We couldn't decide who should get what half of the heart. Haha. We all ended up at Huddle House eating and laughing it up. I really enjoyed it. I wasn't raised with my lil bro and thats something I miss. I always enjoy time with him. Thats my heart.
Now, I'm awake with a runny nose. Ugh. I hope to get NyQuil tomorrow, a much need eyebrow arch, and possibly visit my male-BF tomorrow. Should be fun, that is, if I don't sleep the day away.



Hope. This was in my kitchen. My mom actually cooked dinner for Grandma and me. I have my camera on triple-snap and it caught this. Just earlier, Grandma was talking about how she miss my grandaddy. Its almost like she is smiling towards him.



There's no place like home. So why do I feel like a visitor here? I just made it here for the first time during my Christmas break. Even before I left, I had a off feeling about coming here, but I figure it was just me dreading the drive. Now that I'm here, I feel out of place.
I haven't had an altercation with my mom or Grandma. Nothing bad has happened. I just feel out of place, like a doll that has been replaced on the wrong shelf. Am I at the right dollhouse?


Fellowship Sunday:
Just got back from going with my mom to her old church here in Atlanta. I haven’t been to church in so long. It was long overdue and I’m glad I did. Elder Franklin, the pastor, said my mom’s appearance made his day and the smile upon her face was priceless. I really intend to go back. Felt good.

In the picture we just got finished fellowshiping some leftover Applebee’s. Haha.



Attack of the Snuggie! Meet Ms. Daisy. She is an old friend of my mom. It’s my first time seeing her since I was a few months old. Already she has adopted me. She has a big heart. One thing she said is, “Most of your blessings come from strangers.”

I have a feeling my year will be centered around that theme. Foreshadowing much?


After a night of drinking, dancing, and misunderstandings that almost destroyed the newly re-found friendship we had, Mr. N really came through for me.
Since middle school I've had a major fear of throwing up. I use to scare myself sick sometimes fearing what I had for dinner may have been "too old" "too greasy" etc. I would worry so much until my nerves were rattled, stomach clenched, teeth chattered, and I would be a mess. Crazy how mind is over matter.
I had an episode today, the first in years, but Mr. N helped me through it. Something I would have never thought he would have done. He saved me from my own thoughts. He will never know how much I appreciate that. Because a girl rarely finds a hero to save her in a battle with her mind.
It really taught me a lesson in not underestimating people [and overestimating.] Be careful what bridges you may burn, you may need to cross them again one day.


I have heard of the Pic-a-Day or 365 project before. However, today I was reminded of it and I think I am going to attempt it. I was thinking about creating a tumblr for this, but I feel this blog is in need of attention. I may make additional posts other than my picture for the day every now and again. I hope you all will enjoy this. Wish me luck. Also, if you are doing your own 365 project, let me know so I can tune in.
Happy New Year!



First Pic of the New Year and for my 365-project. Mr. N and my huge arm. Haha. Is this forshadowing of more of him this year? Eh, who knows.
I must say, I enjoyed spending most of the new year with him. After you let the dust settle, you start to see things you haven't before. I feel like I have a better bond with him now than when we were in a relationship. I like where we are now, so I'm in no rush to change it.
As for my huge arm, today I started my spring break boot-camp. Hopefully that will change.