After a night of drinking, dancing, and misunderstandings that almost destroyed the newly re-found friendship we had, Mr. N really came through for me.
Since middle school I've had a major fear of throwing up. I use to scare myself sick sometimes fearing what I had for dinner may have been "too old" "too greasy" etc. I would worry so much until my nerves were rattled, stomach clenched, teeth chattered, and I would be a mess. Crazy how mind is over matter.
I had an episode today, the first in years, but Mr. N helped me through it. Something I would have never thought he would have done. He saved me from my own thoughts. He will never know how much I appreciate that. Because a girl rarely finds a hero to save her in a battle with her mind.
It really taught me a lesson in not underestimating people [and overestimating.] Be careful what bridges you may burn, you may need to cross them again one day.

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