Meet my bestest friend Star. This is the Best Friends bracelet set she bought us for Christmas. We separated them and put them on tonight. This is one of the most precious gifts I've ever received. I don't want to take it off.
I really don't like how college seems to make the phone call between us scarce. Tonight I had sooo much to catch her up on. Still, we always trip out like we're still in high school, tighter than ever. True friends are a rare thing to come by, so I thank God for her.
After this picture, we picked my lil bro up.
We couldn't decide who should get what half of the heart. Haha. We all ended up at Huddle House eating and laughing it up. I really enjoyed it. I wasn't raised with my lil bro and thats something I miss. I always enjoy time with him. Thats my heart.
Now, I'm awake with a runny nose. Ugh. I hope to get NyQuil tomorrow, a much need eyebrow arch, and possibly visit my male-BF tomorrow. Should be fun, that is, if I don't sleep the day away.

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