Fast Foward

I like how I post about school starting. Then, two posts later...school has ended.
Not sure if anyone else will read this to notice, but just in case you did, yes you, I wrote this anyway.

School is, in fact, done. I wish that I actually archived this year. A lot has happened. It would have been nice to read back over it. Sigh. *presses fast-foward*

Fall. Still stuck on having options. Had a crush here and there, Mr. N was still in the scene. Then came along Babe. Yes, I call him Babe. I was crushing. Apparently he was too, told my Sorority sister, who told me. Bam! One conversation outside a pizza place on campus, I let all my other options go. No questions asked. After countless smiles, library dates, Longhorn date, it was official. I met his family. Told my family about him. My Uncle E spazzed cause he was Mexican. I laughed. My lack of visitation was conceived as an "attitude" against my Uncle E. I shrugged. Christmas. School was suppose to start, snowed in. School started. Babe transferred. I would visit. We would argue: some big, most small. School got tough. Life got tough. I broke. Things looked up. Went to Florida. Got another scholarship. Decisions for next Fall made. Professor gave me grief. Finals. School over.

*presses play*

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