I was just going through the my archives. It amazes me how different or set apart I feel from the person I was just a few months ago. Most things are the same, but it's funny...some things aren't.
All that energy I spent in those guys: [The Baller, Mr. N, B.D., etc.] was it really worth it? It was a lesson to be learned and that is the best I can come up with.
Now, I'm at a place where I'm trying to become content with being single and well, alone. I tell you, sometimes I have to go as far as deleting numbers so I won't fold in and call someone. Someone who I want to bring warmth and company... I do this because, most cases, they only bring cold shoulders and regret.
There are some new faces to the battlefield, which I shall introduce later. None which have reached a new record and I'm not allowing shortcuts. The advice my older cousin gave me this weekend has been ringing in my ears. He said, "You're a beautiful girl and thats a gift and a curse. Dudes will try to make you settle...
...Don't settle."


♥Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder♥ said...

definite words of wisdom i feel where your coming from i just did the same thing...except mine dilemma all over 1 guy totally not worth it!!!lOvely blog!

Christina Love said...

Love the blog!


Tiffany said...

Happy New Year.

.rawkii said...

Beauty: Thank you and I'm glad you can relate.

Christina: Thank you. =]

Tiffany: Happy New year to you too!