Yeah, its getting cold. My friends and I were just talking about how its about time to get boo'd up for winter. Girls shivering, dudes choosing...vice versa, la-di-da-di. We were just joking around, but actually now that I think about it...its kind of true. Ever had that dude(s), whom during the summer was so sometime-y (or summertime) and now here they come out of the blue, trying to get things right. I'm sure some girls seem to work on the same schedule.

Yet, this is around the time I'm so tired of the games played. I seem to throw the towel in and get comfortable with the single status, then BOOM! Here comes dude, seeming to know all the right things to say, do the things to make me think, "Well just maybe..."

Well, I'm not trying to be just someone's hand-warmers. I will admit, I've allowed myself to be swayed for the sake of not being alone. I think that is just what I need thought. Enjoy my autumn to myself and figure out what I really want, so when it comes around, I won't miss it.

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