As you can imagine, a lot has occurred since my last post. To keep myself from ramblin', I will limit myself bullet points and spare you the details, unless...you want the details. ;]
  • Mr. N and I broke up, for good. Don't be sad, its a good thing. A beautiful thing. It seriously got to the point where I didn't like being around him when he was sober. True story. I seriously think we are both happy apart. Maybe after some time, we can be cool again. Not together, cool. I kind of wish we never took it up a level and left good enough alone.
  • As for my current love life, have my friends tell it and they say I have a boo for each 'need.' I say we all are just friends, thats my story and I'm sticking to it.
  • I moved in an apartment with one of my previous roommates. It's going great, no problemos so far, Thank the Heavens!
  • School has begun, it was smooth sailing, but it kind of kicked in this week. Sometimes sadness comes in the form of a Japanese quiz. =[
  • Work is going great, I work in the mailroom now. I have new-found respect for postal workers.
So yeah, I think that clears it right up. Sigh, there is so much I want to tell you guys, but I don't want to over-bear you. Hm, so what has been going on in your lives? How was your summer? How is school going? Are you happy, sad, angry, hungry...? What? Haha.


Yeah, I have been majorly slacking on my posts here. I've become all too consumed into Tumblr. Even though Tumblr is great, I miss this place. I can't really type it all out like I can here [and expect people to read it. Let alone, give me feedback.] I missed you guys. Klash left a comment on my last post a few days ago and it made me feel good. Nothing like getting that e-mail notification letting you know someone cares. Haha.
So, I know I've said it once before that I will do better. This time, I'm not going to proclaim it. I'll let my future actions [in the form of posts] speak for me. =]

Don't think I totally forgot about you all either, I do read up on your blogs every once in while.
Later you gals/guys!